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Welcome to the Wacky and Wonderful Library‘s Page of Fiction, Poetry, and Art.

This is the beginning, and beginnings are often awkward, wobbly steps.  Each day there’s movement.  Most of the time it’s in the right direction.  We hope.

So we have this idea, something that’s been growing for some time.  A WW Mental Health Library… What?  Why?  (That’s what most people ask, anyway.)

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Don’t let the name fool you.  We’re a place of healing.  We’re also a place of joy.  People with psychiatric problems need more strength and charisma to survive than the average person.  They must seek beauty in places the average person would never think of looking.  They must also, amidst life’s heartaches, find room for laughter.

The WW Library celebrates just that: the strength, resilience, inspiration, humor, and creativity that come along with mental illness.  We’re not making fun of psychiatric conditions.  We’re doing the very opposite. We’re plowing over stigma, opening up room for conversation, and showing the world that a mental health diagnosis can coincide with incredible success.  

But the author needs your help. If you have something to share, something to inspire others, or simply make people smile, send it our way.  Please share.  Whoever you are, wherever you come from, whatever your background (yes, we’re talking to you!), help us overcome stigma by showing the world that mental illness doesn’t mean weakness.  If you’re interested in submitting something to our site, please check out the submission page.  We’re particularly interested in art, comics, puzzles, quizzes, and all things unusual, but poetry and short stories are also wanted.  Thanks.

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Still here?  Good, since it seems we aren’t finished.

Please pick from the following.  (Okay, there’s just one thing on the list.  It’ll grow. In time we’ll have creativity and humor woven into the fabric of the website with cool tricks and lovely artwork.  That’s the goal.)

Short story:
Wacky and Wonderful Library: the case of the manic medical student

YOUR poetry, essays, personality quizzes, reflection:
Coming soon

Math lessons:
We’re not sure about this one.  Stay tuned, and we’ll get back to you.