Wacky and Wonderful Mental Health Library: Call for Submissions

person holding blue clip board

By Kim Rosenthal, MD

Creatives wanted.

This is the beginning, and beginnings are often awkward, wobbly steps.  Each day there’s movement.  Most of the time it’s in the right direction.  We hope.

So we have this idea, something that’s been growing for some time.  A Wacky and Wonderful Mental Health Library (WW)… What?  Why?  (That’s what most people ask, anyway.)

person holding black card

Don’t let the name fool you.  We’re a place of healing.  We’re also a place of joy.  People with psychiatric problems need more strength and charisma to survive than the average person.  They must seek beauty in places the average person would never think of looking.  They must also, amidst life’s heartaches, find room for laughter.

The WW Library celebrates just that: the strength, resilience, inspiration, humor, and creativity that come along with mental illness.  We’re not making fun of psychiatric conditions.  We’re doing the very opposite. We’re plowing past stigma, opening up room for conversation, and showing the world that a mental health diagnosis can coincide with incredible success.  

But the author needs your help. We’re seeking inspiring, positive, humorous, or [insert  upbeat adjective here] words about mental illness.  Perhaps you have an interesting way to deal with tough situations?  Do you appreciate people’s negative coping skills in ways most wouldn’t (or shouldn’t)?  Would you like to share your observations about the benefits of Asperger’s?  How about a humor piece about being in the hospital, or an article about overcoming nightmares?  Whether you’re a consumer, family member, friend, or provider, if you’ve got something to share, please send it our way. (Yes, we’re talking to you!)  Check out the submission page. 

We’re particularly interested in art, comics, puzzles, quizzes, and all things unusual, but poetry and short stories also delight us.  Unfortunately we aren’t in a position to pay.  


P.S. Yes, there is only one editor (Rosenthal), and yes she refers to herself in the plural.  We’re working on it.

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